Heritage Country House Tours

Heritage Country House Tours

Heritage Country House Tours, in association with Rural Concierge, is a group of like-minded people (based in Herefordshire) with similar interests, who enjoy meeting up with friends to visit beautiful houses and gardens, along with other chosen events and places throughout the country.It was started in 1987 and is well established. Liz Hill became the new group organiser in 2013, and now runs it alongside Rural Concierge.

Heritage Country House Tours offers the following advantages:  Many members enjoy the day trips by coach. There are usually two of these each month, not always to country houses, although these still figure largely in our visits.
In the winter especially there will be visits to the theatre, plays, concerts, opera, ballet etc. at Cardiff, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Malvern, Bath, Bristol and other centres of interest.
In previous years Heritage Country House Tours have organised trips on canals, rivers, trains, visits to museums, art galleries, historical sites and explorations to churches, cathedrals, cities and towns, sometimes combining these with an arranged visit and others simply as shopping trips.

Some places are just too far away to explore in a day, and our members look forward to the overnight short breaks to places a little further afield.

Liz can organise any trip that is recommended or suggested so, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions, or to simply join Heritage Country House Tours today.
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